Day Twenty Two- Tivoli Gardens and Christmas Dinner

Today we woke up, quickly did our laundry, and headed to the bus into the city of Copenhagen! We walked through some of the main tourist streets and enjoyed seeing all of the people and the adorable buildings.  


We stopped when we reached Tivoli Gardens. It was a beautiful place that is somewhat hard to describe. It was an amusement park, gardens, and theatre with a variety of restaurants. You can go on rides, walk through the gardens, or see a show at any of the several stages. We spent a couple hours just walking around and looking at the flowers, small river, and the unique buildings. While there we ate lunch on a cute outdoor patio. 


Afterwards, we kept walking around and exploring some of the city. Eventually we can upon the King's Garden and the Rosenborg Castle! The King's Garden was a large bustling park with people all around enjoying the sunny day. 


Despite how cool seeing the city was, the highlight of the day was when we arrived home in the suburb, Horsholm. 

Maria and her family made an entire traditional Danish Christmas dinner for us! We had pork roast, potatoes and gravy, carmelized potatoes, cabbage, pickled beets and even cookies with buttermilk for dessert! It was a fantastic experience getting to eat this wonderful traditional Danish meal with a wonderful Danish family! 

After dinner with chatted with Maria and her husband, and got to play with her daughters, Phillipa and Sophia. They had fun giving us spa treatments- Sophia did my hair and each of them painted our nails! Yes, Alexander had his nails painted- he got green with sparkles!