Day 79- Sun Rise, Rissani, and Todra Gorge

This morning we woke up nice and early to witness the sun rise over the plataeu dividing Morocco and Algeria. It was definitely worth getting seeing! 


After seeing the sun come all the way up, we had breakfast at our camp. Then while I packed up our bags, Alexander walked into the dunes to fly the drone around. (Here is the link to his video of the dunes! ) Then we packed our bags and headed West. 

Our first stop of the day was at the big market in Rissani. It is where all of the people in the surrounding villages come and do their shopping. There were many aisles full of little tiny shops, each selling a specific item. 


Since it is date season and there are so many palm trees around, there was an entire room full of different kinds of dates for sale!


From the food to the clothing, everything was very colorful- except for at one area of the market was a row of Muslim women all dress in black. I did not even notice them at first because together they just appeared like a large black mass until they turned and all I saw was their eyes. Apparently, Lahcen told us, poor divorced or widowed women come to markets and sit waiting for money. Since charity is the third Pilar of Islam, Muslims are to give 10% of their wealth to charity. Therefore, these women depend on other Muslims to help them without having to beg.

After seeing a “Moroccan supermarket”, we drove through Erfoud and stopped to take photos of the ruins of the old city. 


At some point on our journey, we stopped at a cafe and got some tea which was a nice pick me up!


Our last stop before our hotel was the Todra Gorge. It was incredibly beautiful and made us feel very small. Lahcen dropped us off at one end so we could walk through the gorge and meet him on the other side. 


Tonight we have a great hotel with a fantastic terrace with a view (unfortunately neither of us thought to take a photo, but Alexander did also take drone video of this area!) and a hot tub! However, we are the youngest people by like 30 decades! 

We had a nice big dinner at the buffet and then relaxed for a while in the hot tub before bed!