Day Twenty Nine- Canoeing and Catch Up

This morning after eating our last amazing B and B breakfast, we leisurely got ready for the day. Because we had been quite cold the day before, we each brought our jackets and a thermos for tea.  We also packed our lunches and then headed for Flottbro, a lake close to where we are staying. Our AirBnB host said that they rented canoes and kayaks there. We thought it would be the perfect thing to do after spending the last several days in the city. 

We arrived at the rental place and they told us were closed! (It is of course Monday and most people have to work!) However, the man there was kind enough to help us foreigners out and rented us one anyway! It worked out nicely because we had the entire lake to ourselves!  

As you can probably tell by the photos, it was plenty warm and we definitely did not need the jackets we brought! But oh well, always better safe than sorry!  


After getting back we sat out on the deck of our Air BnB and absorbed some more sun. Now, we are back inside catching up on work, blog posts, and trip planning for the evening! We are also watching the finale of Game of Thrones tonight, eeek! So excited! 

Day Twenty Seven- Viking and Vasa Museums and the Crayfish Party

This morning we woke up to the most wonderful breakfast! Since we are staying in an actual bed and breakfast, our hosts make us breakfast! We had traditional Swedish oatmeal, sandwiches, eggs, and fresh croissants! Breakfast also lets us spend more time with our hosts!  

We then got ready and got on the bus back to the city! We got off and walked a ways to a lookout spot that overlooks the old part of the city.


We then got on a commuter ferry through the canals to the Viking museum! The museum focused on giving people a realistic view of life in the Viking Age as opposed to the classic image of big men with horned helmets! We learned about what they actually looked like and what they actually did. There was also a little ride that walked you through a story about a family of Vikings. 

From there, we went straight to the Vasa Museum. The museum houses a ship from the 1600s that was almost entirely preserved underwater. When it was built, they did not put enough weight in the bottom to keep it upright, so it immediately capsized on its maiden voyage out of Stockholm. After sitting on the bottom of the harbor for 333 years, it was salvaged in 1961 and almost perfectly preserved! It now sits in its own museum! 


Afterwards, we ate lunch on the canal enjoying the old boats and buildings. We then took the metro to the other side of town to find the next piece in our Scavenger Hunt! (Click here to read more about our scavenger hunt!) It was hidden in a flower bed near an adorable park on the water! 


After sitting there for a while, we realized it was time to get back so we could get to the neighborhood's Crayfish Party! Crayfish parties are a Swedish tradition that usually takes place at the end of August. It was wonderful getting to meet more Swedes and even better with an enormous amount of shrimp and crayfish! 

We sang traditional Swedish holiday drinking songs and at the end of each one, everyone would say "Skol!" ad then take a shot of Schnapps. We also drank either beer or champagne with our meal. For sides we had various pies/quiches and bread. The pie that we had was a cheese pie with creme fraiche and caviar on top. 

Everyone was very sweet to us and spoke English as much as possible. It was even someone's birthday and we sang the Happy Birthday song once in Swedish and then once in English!