The Alps

Day 89- Travel to the Swiss Alps

Today we packed our things and headed to the train station. However, once we arrived we found out our train was cancelled and we would have to get on another one. This was totally fine because we could still make our connections. Unfortunately, this train left 15 minutes late and so we missed our connection (we had 5 different trains today). So we were pushed back by varying times at each train station, which wasn’t too bad.

We arrived in a small town called Lauterbrunnen in the Alps. From there, we look the local bus to our cottage farther into the mountains! Our place is very cute and has an incredible view!


Once we settled in, we got back on the bus into town to do our grocery shopping. Since the bus only comes once an hour, we just decided to walk the 2 miles or so back to our place with our grocery bags. Then, we had some dinner and watched a Halloween movie!