Day 100- Road Trip to Florence

This morning we had quite the adventure! We walked through the rain to catch the boat taxi to the airport (where we will be picking up our rental car!). However, when we got close we realized that the water was coming up onto the sidewalk! We then sloshed through the water that was coming up in waves over our ankles to the dock.  

We just missed the boat and so we had to wait for half an hour. Since we didn’t want to go back through the water, we switched between rocking back and forth in the little boat house and standing in the rain on the dock. I preferred the rocky boat house because the rain and wind were very cold, but Alexander preferred the dock because the boat house made him very motion sick!  


After our 30 minute wait, we finally made it onto the boat and headed over the waves to the airport!  

Once we made it to the airport, we were able to get our cute Audi A3 that we will be driving through Italy for the next 5 days! It was sooo nice being able to just throw our bags in the back instead of carrying them, and getting to move at our own pace!  


The first stop on our Italian Road Trip is Florence! We arrived in the late afternoon and checked right into our B&B. After getting settled for a couple minutes, we headed out to see as much of Florence as we could in the short time we are here. Thankfully, our B&B is very close to all of the big sights! 

The first place we stopped was the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (aka the Duomo di Firenze)! The green and pink marble exterior were accented by the beautiful evening light. We walked a full 360 degrees around the entire thing because we just wanted to keep looking at it! 


We also visited the Palazzo Vecchio! We really really wanted to see the Hall of 500 inside because of the artwork that adorns the walls and ceiling. Unfortunately, it appeared to be closed off for some event that we surprisingly weren’t invited to! 

We then continued towards the water where we saw the Ponte Vecchio, a famous bridge with many little jewelry shops. I thought it was an odd looking thing, but still very cool.  

We then continued towards the water where we saw the Ponte Vecchio, a famous bridge with many little jewelry shops. I thought it was an odd looking thing, but still very cool.  


On the way back in the direction of our B&B we passed through a couple market streets with people selling all sorts of things. Once we got out, we stopped at a little cafe for dinner. We were able to each get a cocktail and a buffet dinner for only 8 Euros each! Since we got there right when the buffet started, we had our pick of a variety of pastas and pastries! 

Day 97– Gondola Ride and Getting Lost in Venice

Today we woke up with hotel breakfast in our room of hot tea and croissants, and then we headed out! We came across a beautiful gondola so we decided to go ahead and take a ride around the canals! Our gondolier not only sang us a lovely Italian song, but he also told us about the buildings we saw! 


At the spot we were dropped off, I saw a Victorian looking dress sitting outside a shop and I wanted to check it out! Inside we found colorful handmade, one-of-a-kind dresses and masks! The woman who designed them explained to us that they were usually rented out for the large 11 day festival that takes place in Venice. She also told us about how she created each individual piece in her collection. It was so kind of her to speak with us and tell us about her craft! 

Next, while wandering around, we came across an old church that was turned into a museum of Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions. Based on his detailed drawings, they built these unique contraptions! 


Following the museum, it was time to grab some lunch! We each got a pizza at an inexpensive pizzeria. Then for dessert, we stopped and got some gelato! Alexander fell in love with the Nutella flavor! 


While walking around with our ice creams, we made it to the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute!


Since the Basilica is on a small peninsula, we had a great view of the water and the city surrounding us!


We then weaved our way through the tiny streets and got lost a number of times! 


Eventually, we stopped for another carb-filled dinner and then passed out in our hotel room for the night!