Trevi Fountain

Day 110- Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and Nutella

Today was the warmest and sunniest so far in Rome, which was great because today we walked around the city!  

On our excursion we saw several obelisks in the middle of city squares. It was interesting to see the Christian cross right next to Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs!  


Our big stop of the day was to see the Pantheon! The relatively bland exterior doesn’t give an accurate indicator of how pretty and colorful it is inside!  

Although it is a church now, the Pantheon was originally built as a “temple to all Gods”. The Greek adjective Pantheon actually means “honor all Gods”. It became a church in 609 and was the first pagan temple to become a church. It is because of this that it was not destroyed in the Middle Ages. 


Around the interior are tombs of well known Italian Kings and poets, and the famous artist Raphael!  


The true marvel of this building, I think, is the dome! To this day, it is the largest unsupported dome in the world!!  


After walking a ways, we stumbled across this chocolate shop. It looked so cool with gold decor and a giant chocolate wall! We totally had to stop in! Alexander got a cup with 3 different chocolate flavors and I got a Nutella crepe! 


We continued walking with our chocolatly treats and finished them while we sat and admired the Trevi Fountain! 


Then, we wandered through the streets of Rome until we found a bus stop to take us home!