Day 99- Windy Last Day in Venice

Today after our in-room breakfast, we headed walking in a direction we have not yet explored. After getting lost on several dead end streets and walking in circle, we made it back to the water! We were now across from the Duomo.  

The sky was a very pretty bluish purple color so we got some cool pictures!  


It’s a really windy day so it wasn’t particularly pleasant outside. So, when we came across this adorable road and this unique looking cafe, we stopped and warmed up for a while! 

Alexander made a friend while having his hot chocolate at the cafe!  

Alexander made a friend while having his hot chocolate at the cafe!  


Then, we walked some more before it became dark out and it was dinner time! It is so fun just wandering through Venice! 


Day 98- Bookstore and Cafe in the Rain

Today was a very rainy day in Venice. Yesterday we saw crowds of people all over the place and today no one was anywhere to be found!  

Since we got up and going before the rain, we walked to a pizzeria and had an early lunch. However, it was starting to sprinkle by the time we finished. 

We also visited a famous bookstore. It’s well known because it just has books stacked up to the ceiling and in every nook and cranny- except on the floor! The books are kept a couple feet off the ground because the bookstore gets flooded often. 


Since the rest of the day was cold and wet, we decided to huddle down in a cafe and get some things done for the afternoon. It was really cozy sipping tea and watching the rain outside! We had a nice dinner there, too! 

What was really crazy was in the evening after we got back from our hotel. It was still raining and we heard some sirens going off. In Venice, in the winter they have aqua Alta (high water). It causes the canals in the city to flood. It happens so frequently that people don’t even live in the first floor of their houses! 

In a matter of less than half an hour, the first floor of our hotel/B&B flooded and the sidewalk outside had over 5 inches of standing water! We tied some plastic bags around Alexander’s shoes so he could go outside and take some photos!