Day 55- Travel to Amsterdam

This morning we had our last full breakfast at our condo before checking out and driving up to Amsterdam! 

However, on the way, we stopped in a village outside of Rotterdam called Kinderdijk. It has the largest grouping of the classic old Dutch windmills! We took a little boat tour through them and we could see the different designs and how pretty they looked!


After Kinderdijk, we continued driving until we arrived at our hotel for the night. We stayed right by the airport because my parents fly out early in the morning. 

We firstly got settled, and then decided where we wanted to have dinner. We settled on the Cafe Restaurant “In de Zotte Wilg” which means “in the foolish willow”! We watched the beautiful sunset over the canal as we ate more seafood!  


We then went back to the hotel where we played cards like we enjoy doing at home! Mom, Alexander, and I also did relaxing facial masks for fun on our last night together!