Day Nine- National Museum and Botanical Gardens

Today was another fun day in Edinburgh. In the morning, we took the bus to the National Museum of Scotland. It was a very nice museum, it had a variety of quality exhibits- we could have spent days in there! However, we just had the morning so we spent it exploring the history of Scotland. It was interesting to learn about Scotland's journey under a monarch in the middle ages through the Industrial era to modern day! We also stopped through one of their short term exhibits about ancient Egypt- it made us really excited to visit Cairo!


After the museum, we took the bus back to our Air BnB and grabbed some lunch at the grocery store. We then ate our lunch at home while we did some laundry! In the afternoon, we took a leisurely walk to the Royal Botanical Gardens. I was amazed at how big it was! Eventually we found a cafe and shared some "luxury Scottish ice cream" while we sat on a bench and looked out at the city. That was the most sun we have gotten on our entire trip so far!


After relaxing there for a bit, we walked back home and got ready for our Ghost and Torture Tour! I have been on a couple of these before and I wanted to do one in Edinburgh because we spend so much time seeing and learning about where the royalty lived and what they did, that I want to learn about what life was like for other people! And of course, the ghost stories are fun :P

On the tour, we learned about life in the tenements and how uncomfortable and dangerous life was for the extremely poor. We, of course, also learned about how common and easy it was for women to be accused of witchcraft and the consequences for those who were. It definitely reminds me how happy I am to be a woman in the 21st century!

We also got to see the vaults that were built underneath the city! They were originally built as workshops and cellars for goods, but they were built out of limestone, so water and sewage seeped in and spoiled the goods. So after all of the shop keepers moved out, criminals, orphans, and homeless people moved in and lived in the complete darkness. Eventually, the vaults were cleared out and sealed shut. It wasn't until 100 years had passed that they were found again, in the 1970s!!

Following our tour, we got dinner in a restaurant on the Royal Mile and then took the bus back to the AirBnB. We are having an early night since our train for London leaves at 6:55AM tomorrow!