Day 104- Day in Pompeii

Hey it's Alexander again! Today was our trip to Pompeii and Italian city horrific drivers! 

We started off the day having some breakfast at our AirBnB and then ventured out to drive the Napoli cities streets to get to Pompeii 30 minutes away. These Italian citie drivers have no rules it appears, people drive in and out of parking spots without looking at oncoming traffic, roads that appear to only have 2 lanes then have 3, no one stays in their lane, and pedestrians just walk out right in front of you in the middle of the road, and parked cars on the side of the road are 2 deep and sometimes they are there and not even in a parking spot. It's just maddening! 

Luckily we were able to get onto the toll road straight to Pompeii and pass by Mount Vesuvius. The original city of Pompeii is a massive outdoor archeological museum. We got an audio guide so we could listen to the history as we walked around the large ruined city. We really did not know what to expect when we went there, it is a very impressive site and being able to walk where the citizens of Pompeii lived and worked was amazing. When Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD the city was covered in 13 to 20 ft of volcanic ash and pumice. Could not imagine what the inhabitants must have thought when the eruption occurred, let alone to know what was about to kill them in a terrible way. 


It is amazing to see how much of the city was preserved with the ash, some of the artwork on the walls still remains like this murial of Venus.


It was amazing to see how the Romas create such an advanced society such a long time ago, this was a store, the pots were used to keep food warm. The city also had a complex water system. We also saw what was the laundry building for the town.

The city also had an amphitheater and a Colosseum. All the structures were very impressive. 

They also had a museum that had artifacts they discovered from the excavation and some of the mummified bodies that were frozen in time. 

After seeing Pompeii we drove back through horrible Italia traffic and made dinner in our room. This is a view of Vesuvius and Pompeii.