Day 33- Passing Through Lithuania

Today we took a 4 hour bus ride from Riga to Kaunas, Lithuania. We didn't originally plan to stop here- we were going to go straight from Riga to Warsaw, Poland. However, since there aren't any trains in this area, we would have had to take a 12 hour bus ride and that didn't sound super fun. So instead we took the slightly better option of doing 4 hours one day and 8 hours the next. Thus, we are spending one night in Lithuania on our way to Poland!  

We arrived at 3:00pm in Kaunas and then headed to our hotel. So, you know how I mentioned that the rail cars in Latvia were old? Well, in Lithuania they might be worse. While they are bigger, they seem even older and sound even less safe.

However, we made it to our hotel each in one piece! Tonight we are spending the night in a hotel because a) hotels are very cheap in Lithuania- our hotel costs less than a typical AirBnB night and b) since we are just there for the night, we wanted the convenience of just checking in and out and c) it has a free breakfast. 

We just had dinner at a little hole in the wall place (the only thing close to a restaurant around us!) that has 3 menu items- burgers, veggie burgers, and ribs. We both got the burger at ate them in the 6 person-sized establishment. It was good food and the place was completely adorable and authentic. 

We walked a few blocks to get there and basically all of the buildings looked the same. Including the church! It was the strangest thing- this church looked like a Soviet government building, but it had a steeple and cross! I mean it doesn't look that crazy, but it threw me off guard after all of the beautiful and intricately designed churches I've seen! 


Anyway, it is now raining and we are off to bed before our bus leaves early in the morning! 

The Journey Begins!

With our wedding done and over, we are getting so excited to start on our journey as a married couple! We are leaving on our world tour in exactly 2 weeks! We have been busy packing away our things and finalizing our packing list! We have been very meticulous with what we are planning to bring because we have so little space in our bags. 

The questions we have been getting everyday are: where is your first stop, and what are you most excited to see? So, our first stop is Reykjavik, Iceland! We will only be spending a couple days there before heading over to the UK. While in Iceland, we will visit the Blue Lagoon and drive around the Golden Circle! 

As for what we are most excited for- Alexander is obsessed with London and all things related to England, so he cannot wait to finally go. Lucky for him, we will arrive in London on his birthday!! As for me, I really look forward to visiting Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia- simply because I have never been there and want to experience a culture that is vastly different than mine. 

We are so excited to get going and hope you are excited to follow along! If you have more questions about the trip, want to meet up with us or want to tell us about your travels, please comment or contact us!