Carr Ventures Inc provides a wide variety of commercial drone services. Show your property at the next level, and get ahead of your competition. Aerial images give a unique perspective that can grab your clients' eye. We have photography and video packages.


Make your campus stand out with a visual flyover and show prospective students what your campus has to offer.

Golf Courses 

Get a promotional video of your facilities and grounds, along with a virtual tour of each of your course holes.

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real estate, Offices, city promos, marinas, shopping centers, Communities, campgrounds, resorts 

and much more...



From insurance claims to wind turbines, we have the experience to cover any type of inspections you may need. Instead of sending a human to a dangerous or hazards location send one of our drones to do the inspection.

3D Mapping and SURVEYING 

We have the ability to perform a wide variety of mapping with image resolution down to 2cm. We can generate accurate contour maps using ground control points and point cloud maps. Use our systems to improve site planning and quality control.



Knowing your plant health is critical and we have the tools to give you cost-saving knowledge. Get real-time, in-field insights when we fly. With our VARI and NDVI analysis, you can detect crop stress and health. Also, track field progress over time.

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We can bring the impossible into reality.  Our aerial systems can capture previously unavailable imagery and our high resolution system will bring cinematic quality to your project.